Boston Terrier Rescue of Florida, Inc.

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Boston Terrier Rescue of Florida

Dear Friends of Rescue, Boston Families, & Potential Adopters:

It's summertime again, which is our busy season... so the up-dates have been slow, and for that I apologize. We are so grateful to all of you who help us and we do feel that you really do need to know what we are up to. Although it is difficult, we have been very fortunate to find wonderful homes for the dogs coming through our doors. The hard part is having to turn down so many because we don’t have enough experienced foster homes to put them into. For a foster home to really be of use they need training. They also need to be close enough to one of our Vets to get the dog into for treatments on a regular basis, and medically savvy enough to recognize and report in with any change and/or adverse reaction. Just having a place for the dog to be is not enough. If the dog no longer needs to have treatments, it is ready for a permanent home, not a foster home.

I guess that it is a "sign of the times" that the dogs coming to us have been in such poor condition. Their preventatives (heartworm and flea prevention) were the first things to go when money got tight... and the regular Vet check-ups soon followed. When things got even tighter, the "top shelf" brands of food were replaced by the "cheap stuff", and you know what happened next... garbage in, garbage out! If folks would just call us before things get this bad it would be so much better for the dogs.

There are so many unexpected expenses that come our way (usually medical) and, as much as we would like to, we couldn't go on without your help. We try so very hard to keep expenses under control wherever we can, but some things just are what they are.

And even though your little adopted angel is safe and sound with you in your home, there are others out there that are not as fortunate. Please help…if every person out there who has already adopted from us would consider supporting us with as little as $5 per month, to help cover costs for the upcoming year, it would make the burden so much easier to bear. So, thanks again for caring, and for wanting to be part of the solution!


Carolyn Sanislo, Treasurer

Board of Directors
Boston Terrier Rescue of Florida, Inc.

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